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Sample photos:

common: Raven, Common Buzzard, Jay,
relatively common: White-tailed Eagle
rare: Red Fox, Crane (in March)
very rare: Wolf, Goshawk, Golden Eagle, Magpie, Jackdaw, Hooded Crow
at night: Racoon Dog

Description of the place: The hide is situated on the edge of the open moist meadow, 100 m from a little river. It is hidden in the willow thickets. The meadow is mown every year. About 300 m in front of the hide there is a birch forest which constitutes the background.

Description of the hide:
The hide is made of chipboard. Each photographer has got 2 holes: a higher one and a lower one. Holes are large and equipped with sleeves. Angle finder is recommended if you want to use a lower hole. If you want to use a lower hole you can attach your tripod head to a movable groundpod (provided).
Size of the hide: 400x180x140cm (width x length x height) + WC (separate room)
Floor size: 400x180 cm.
Orientation: N.
The hide can be heated with a gas heater.

Location: Bialowieza Forest, NE Poland;

Photo-season: November-March

Distance from the nearest village: 800m

Mobile phone reception: Yes

Distance from the car to the hide: 400-800m to walk

Distance between the hide and the birds: 15-30 m.

Distance to the animals: from 15 m

Equipment recommendations: Lens min 300 mm, tripod, angle finder, warm clothes, headtorch

Additional info: You must enter the hide one hour before sunrise at the latest and leave it not earlier than one hour after sunset. We always bring you to and from the hide. We can send you a pdf document with the tips on using the hide if you wish.
Note that cloudy and snowy weather gives the highest chances of successful eagle photography. The chances are much smaller on bright sunny days without snow cover.

Maximum number of photographers: 4