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Sample photos:

Wild Boar, Crane, Red Deer, European Bison, Red Fox, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Raven, Wolf, Elk

Description of the place: The hide is situated on the edge of a large meadow which is used by ungulates as a grazing pasture. It is also a good rutting place of red deer (September)

Description of the hide:
The hide is made of wood. Each photographer has got 2 holes to choose from (size: 40x50cm and 30x40 cm), lower and higher, both are covered with camouflaged net.
Size of the hide: 320x175x150cm (width x length x height).
Floor size: 320x175 cm.
The hide is heated and equipped with WC
Orientation: W.

Location: Bialowieza Forest, NE Poland;

Photo-season: all year

Distance from the car to the hide: 50-1500m

Distance to the animals: from 20 m.

Mobile phone reception: yes

Equipment recommendations: Lens: 200-600mm, tripod, angle finder for ground level shots

Rules/regulations: You can enter and leave the hide anytime but early mornings and evenings are best for successful photography. Overnight in the hide is possible.

Maximum number of photographers: 4